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Event Planning: Special Event Policies

A discussion about special event policies as part of our ongoing series on event planning.

Unofficial Houses: What, why, and how

In this episode, Allison and Sara discuss what we call "unofficial houses."

FAQs: Commercial Auto Insurance

Sara and Allison review the basics of the commercial automobile coverage and some related FAQs.

Emotional Support Animals: An Evolving Approach

An excerpt from our Housing Forum on the Road Series discussing various approaches to Emotional Support Animals.

Event Planning: All About Liquor Liability

Ruth joins Allison for a conversation all about liquor liability.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Sara and Allison share some recent mental health resources that they have loved for Mental Health Awareness Month.

FAQs: Commercial Kitchens

We kick off our new ongoing series on Frequently Asked Questions with an episode on all sorts of cooking and kitchen related questions that we hear most often.

Chapter Events in Light of Covid with Will Frankenberger

In this longer episode, we asked Will Frankenberger, Chief Safety Officer at Delta Zeta Sorority, to join us to discuss events in the time of Covid.

Chapter Housing Lessons from Covid

Allison and Sara discuss what lessons the MJ Sorority team learned from Covid as it relates to sorority chapter housing.

We're Back!

After a looong Covid-induced hiatus, we're back sharing what we've been up to, a few lessons from Covid, and what we're planning for future episodes.

Special Episode: Housing Forum 2020 Recap

Join Allison and Cindy to recap this year's MJ Housing Forum, the premier gathering for sorority housing professionals and volunteers.

Claims Corner: The Basics

Heather, Jessica, and Sara discuss claim basics: what to do in a the event of a claim, what is a claim, and more.

Event Planning: All About Contracts

Ruth and Allison are back to discuss the ins and outs about insurance contracts: what are contracts, why are they important, what to look for when dealing with contracts, and why all of this matters to our clients.

Property Basics

In this episode, Allison and Sara discuss the basics of the property coverage. Even if your chapter doesn't have chapter house, there is still plenty of useful information for all chapter members in this episode.

Event Planning: All About Certificates

Adding to our ongoing series on event planning, Ruth and Allison discuss everything you've ever wanted to know about Certificates of Insurance. This is a must-listen for anyone that plans or oversees events for your chapter.

Digging into designated driver and sober sis programs

Drinking and driving is a definite no-no, but what else do you need to know about designated driver and sober sis programs?

What's the deal with kids at the chapter house/premises?

Allison and Tiffany discuss MJ's position on kids, including many different possible scenarios and how the insurance program would respond.

Risky Activities

In today's episode, we discuss what risky activities are, why chapters should be concerned about risky activities, and some easy alternative activities. As always, at the end, we discuss what we can't stop talking about outside of sorority risk management.

Event Planning: Part One

Ruth Akers is our resident "event planning expert." In the first of what is sure to be many parts, we discuss some event planning basics with Ruth and Allison.

Pilot Episode: What is risk management and who are we?

In this episode, we discuss why we started a podcast, why MJ Sorority is the voice of sorority risk management, and what we hope to do with this podcast, and

Real Talk Teaser

MJ Sorority is THE voice of sorority risk management. Tune in soon for Real Talk, our new podcast.

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